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n.1.The art or practice of captivating the hearts of women.
Better for the sake of womankind that this dangerous dog should leave off lady-killing.
- Thackeray.
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THE MAN FROM UNCLE HAD IT IN HIS SIGHTS They were the swinging Sixties counterparts of James Bond - globe-trotting, lady-killing and wise-cracking secret agents as famed for Brylcreamed side-partings and swish tailoring and as their espionage skills.
Boro's ferrous full-back was dubbed "Gentleman George" but it was more for his engaging lady-killing charm, rakish moustache and debonair dress sense off the pitch than anything polite in his demeanour on it.
Determined to lift their pal's spirits, Jason and Daniel take Mikey to a bar and encourage him to become their lady-killing cohort as they all make a pact to stay relationship-free.
However, lang has long since given up her lady-killing ways and settled down, in the best sense.
He went on to achieve leading man and lady-killing status in Desperado and The Mask of Zorro.
New York, Dec 23 (ANI): John Mayer, famous for his poetic, lady-killing lines, has now predicted a raunchy future for a female fan.
It's not long before the truth comes out, and after a nicely staged three-way catfight in which Kate becomes unfortunately entangled, the four girls band together to punish John for his lady-killing ways.
He says he's going on the show to find out more about himself but is worried he'll lose his lady-killing physique by missing the gym.
Who'd want to be the sensible, nice, but ultimately nerdy character Jonathan Harker, when we could be the lady-killing Count Dracula living in a massive castle?
They are lacking in looks and lady-killing skills and few are prepared to lavish gifts on their partners.
And judging from his collection of lady-killing eau de toilettes he's been taking some tips from serial lapdancer-shagger Simon Cowell - there's Jean Paul Gaultier for Men, pounds 29.50, Joop, pounds 35, Ralph Lauren Romance, pounds 29, and Hugo Boss Dark Blue, pounds 30.
Television insiders claim major roles in ITV's Hornblower and The Forsyte Saga, have helped boost the Cardiff born actor's chance in the battle to become the lady-killing spy.