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 (lăf′ē-ĕt′, lä′fē-, -fä-)
1. A city of west-central Indiana on the Wabash River northwest of Indianapolis. Purdue University was established near here in 1869.
2. A city of south-central Louisiana west-southwest of Baton Rouge. Settled by Acadians in the 1700s, it is a center of Cajun culture and has a large petrochemicals industry.
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(French lafajɛt) or

La Fayette

1. (Biography) Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier (mari ʒozɛf pɔl iv rɔk ʒilbɛr dy mɔtje), Marquis de Lafayette. 1757–1834, French general and statesman. He fought on the side of the colonists in the War of American Independence and, as commander of the National Guard (1789–91; 1830), he played a leading part in the French Revolution and the revolution of 1830
2. (Biography) Marie-Madeleine (marimadlɛn), Comtesse de Lafayette. 1634–93, French novelist, noted for her historical romance La Princesse de Clèves (1678)
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(ˌlæf iˈɛt, ˌlæf eɪ-, ˌlɑ fi-, -feɪ-)

1. Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de, 1757–1834, French statesman and general.
2. a city in S Louisiana. 104,899.
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Noun1.Lafayette - French soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution (1757-1834)Lafayette - French soldier who served under George Washington in the American Revolution (1757-1834)
2.Lafayette - a town in south central Louisiana; settled by Acadians
Louisiana, Pelican State, LA - a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
3.Lafayette - a university town in west central Indiana on the Wabash River
Hoosier State, Indiana, IN - a state in midwestern United States
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The gallant Lafayette was already fighting for our freedom by the side of Washington.
{Les ordonnances = four decrees establishing absolute rule, issued by King Charles X on July 25, 1830, which touched off the July Revolution, leading to his abdication on July 31, and the installation of the Duke of Orleans as Louis Philippe I, King of the French--Cooper was living in Paris during this period, though he returned there from Italy and Germany a few days after the July Revolution itself, and he was a close friend of the Marquis de Lafayette who played a major part in the Revolution and its aftermath; for Cooper and many others, the ultimate results of the Revolution were a serious disappointment, since the new King seemed rapidly to become almost as conservative as the old}
Edgar's father, a son of General David Poe, the American revolutionary patriot and friend of Lafayette, had married Mrs.
Each day she passed the blacksmith's shop where he worked, going to or from the Lafayette School.
Foster -- and he lives forty mile back here in the country, on the road to Lafayette."
The prince paid his compliments to Mademoiselle de Tonnay-Charente, Buckingham devoted himself to Madame Chalais and Mademoiselle de Lafayette, whom Madame already distinguished by her notice, and whom she held in high regard.
I graduated under Curtiss, and after a long siege with my father obtained his permission to try for the Lafayette Escadrille.
Hannah is Hannah at the Window Binding Shoes, and I am taken out of Ivanhoe; John Halifax was a gentleman in a book; Mark is after his uncle Marquis de Lafayette that died a twin.
de Montmorency and Lafayette? That was a noble example to follow, monsieur."
But it did not seem to make much impression upon them, though Monsieur was very ready to explain; and Polly quite blushed for her friend, when, on being asked what famous Frenchman fought in our Revolution, she answered Lamartine, instead of Lafayette.
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