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(Swedish ˈlɑːɡərkvist)
(Biography) Pär (Fabian) (pæːr). 1891–1974, Swedish novelist and dramatist. His works include the novels The Dwarf (1944) and Barabbas (1950): Nobel prize for literature 1951


(ˈlɑ gərˌkvɪst)

Pär (pa r), 1891–1974, Swedish writer: Nobel prize 1951.
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In matters of supply and demand, however, storytellers are always glad to oblige, filling in the blanks with gripping novels like Louis de Wohl's The Spear or Par Lagerkvist's Barabbas.
Although the rise of the Internet has not had the overt "democratizing" function that many expected (Lagerkvist, 2010), there is little doubt that the rise of information technologies has provided a huge amount of information to Chinese citizens, both regarding domestic issues
One additional example from New Jersey includes a superintendent of education, who after retiring at age 56, held 23 jobs as an interim superintendent at public school districts in eight different counties, drawing six-figure salaries from taxpayers along with $1.4 million in state pension checks (Lagerkvist, 2013).
Part II covers highly salient topics from five detailed case studies, beginning with Johan Lagerkvist's chapter on China.
vigilantism] and the exploits of fenqing [angry youth] (Lagerkvist,
1,11 1,66 1,20 Kiti 12,61 8,99 4,07 4,20 ?vedija Oksidas (Lidelow, Lagerkvist 2007) Si[O.sub.2] 37,00 CaO 15,00 [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] 15,00 [Na.sub.2]O 0,28 [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] 13,00 MgO 0,25 [K.sub.2]O 0,14 Kiti 19,33 Pastaba.
Eu me apresento diante do outro e espero dele compreensao, uma certa abertura ao dialogo, pois e atraves dessa relacao que as narrativas identitarias se moldam e se expressam, relacoes se estreitam ou sao cortadas (Lagerkvist, 2014).
In the early days of the party, the book lists remained tolerant, with high-profile Swedish writers of a formally avant-garde and politically moderately radical bent, such as August Strindberg, Par Lagerkvist, and Ellen Key, appearing on the list alongside translations of Lenin, Trotsky, Liebknecht, Marx and Gorky, and a plethora of works by Swedish party figures.
Lagerkvist, "Decision making for animal health and welfare: integrating risk-benefit analysis with prospect theory," Risk Analysis, vol.
Unlike the US, the EU adopted a relatively cautious stance regarding the emerging GM food technology and implemented a moratorium on the production and distribution of new GM products coupled with a mandatory requirement that existing GM food products be labeled (Carlsson, Frykblom, & Lagerkvist, 2007).