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n. pl. La·ger·stät·ten
A rock deposit that has an abundance and variety of fossils, often preserved in fine detail and showing soft body parts.

[German, deposit, bed (as of coal or ore) : Lager, bed, storehouse; see lager + Stätte (from later Middle High German stete, back-formation from stete, genitive and dative of earlier Middle High German stat, place, from Old High German stat; see stā- in Indo-European roots).]
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The Coon Creek Formation (Late Cretaceous) is a marine shelf lagerstatten deposit well known for its abundance of fossils preserved nearly unaltered or compacted.
Wir danken dem BMBF fur die Unterstutzung der Nachwuchsgruppe Governanceoptionen fur die akzeptable Gewinnung wirtschaftsstrategischer Ressourcen aus primaren und sekundaren Lagerstatten in Deutschland (GORmin, Forderkennzeichen 033R148), in deren Rahmen dieser Artikel erarbeitet wurde.
The latest and most exciting Lagerstatten is the discovery of subfossils at Aven Cave in Madagascar's Tsimanampetsotsa National Park.
149) Mit Blick auf die Verbreitung der KAM-Tullenbeile und deren Gussformen nach zu urteilen soll Rohkupfer aus uralischen Lagerstatten der Hauptgegenstand dieser Handelsroute gewesen sein.
Well-preserved complete fossils in the Chengjiang, and other fossil lagerstatten around the world, have revealed that many of these small shelly fossils were actually the spines and "armoring" of larger metazoans.
Exceptionally well-preserved fossil sites, scientifically known as fossil Lagerstatten, have led to many advances in understanding the history of life on Earth.
Geochemische untersuchungen an turkis und sodalith aus lagerstatten und prakolumbischen kulturen der kordilleren.
Lagerstatten deposits with exceptionally well-preserved fossils, such as those at Pikopiko, Newvale and especially Foulden Maar provide crucial evidence for past climates, information on stratigraphic ranges of key plant and animal groups, and evidence for plant radiations and extinctions.
Called conservation Lagerstatten (from a German word meaning "mother lode"), such sites are truly amazing time capsules of past ecosystems, which, for reasons not entirely clear to science, have been spared from most of nature's destructive forces.
For the uninitiated, lagerstatten, as explained by series Assistant Editors Graham Young and David Rudkin in their introductory piece, are ".
Pycnodontiform fishes are mostly represented by isolated elements such as single teeth, dentition, and scales in most Lagerstatten as it is in Lower Saxony.