Lagoon island

a coral island consisting of a narrow reef encircling a lagoon.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We passed through the Low or Dangerous Archipelago, and saw several of those most curious rings of coral land, just rising above the water's edge, which have been called Lagoon Islands. A long and brilliantly white beach is capped by a margin of green vegetation; and the strip, looking either way, rapidly narrows away in the distance, and sinks beneath the horizon From the mast-head a wide expanse of smooth water can be seen within the ring.
Blue Lagoon Island: It's exactly how it sounds - soothing blue waters waiting for you to just dive right in.
6 (BNA): Child's Wish Society organized its third annual edition of "My Mini Exhibition" at Amwaj Lagoon island on the side-lines of the Kingdom's celebrations of the 17th Accession Anniversary of HM the King and the Kingdom's National Day with participation of 85 children aged four to sixteen.
Dusit International is set to open its 360-degree coral reef and turquoise lagoon island property next month.
Venice also wants some of its other traditions inscribed on the UNESCO list of "intangible heritage", like the Carnival, lace making on the lagoon island of Burano and glass blowing on the nearby island of Murano.
President Mejia toured the Dolphins Encounters Park in Blue Lagoon Island during his recent visit to the Bahamas to attend the Caricom heads of state summit, reports DR1 Daily News (July 6, 2001).
The most popular excursion goes to Blue Lagoon Island, a Robinson Crusoe-style hideaway with watersports, a restaurant, and a limbo dance performance.
Plot - A lagoon island on the east coast of Thailand becomes home to a secret magical community of backpackers, but there is more to the paradise commune than meets the eye.
Blue Lagoon Island - where the film with Brooke Shields was filmed - is within swimming distance.
If all that isn't exciting enough, you can always earn your Shark Awareness Certificate after a dive at Stuart Cove on New Providence, feed them from the safety of a cage on Grand Bahama or share your lunch with a tame sting ray back at Blue Lagoon Island.
it TOP TIP Visit the beautiful lagoon island of Torcello.
And that is exactly what Flipper and the two other dolphins used in the movie are doing - on Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas.