Lagopus scoticus

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Noun1.Lagopus scoticus - reddish-brown grouse of upland moors of Great BritainLagopus scoticus - reddish-brown grouse of upland moors of Great Britain
ptarmigan - large Arctic and subarctic grouse with feathered feet and usually white winter plumage
moorhen - female red grouse
moorcock - male red grouse
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Hudson, "The role of non-viraemic transmission on the persistence and dynamics of a tick borne virus--Louping ill in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) and mountain hares (Lepus timidus)" Journal of Mathematical Biology, vol.
The start of the shooting season for the Red Grouse, Lagopus lagopus scoticus, was enshrined it the Game Act 1831 and differs from the start of the season for birds such as partridge ( September 1) and woodcock and pheasant (October 1).
Ceir gweundir agored yma ble gwelir y grug a'r llus ac mae ymgais yn cael ei wneud i reoli'r gweundir er lles y grugiar goch (Lagopus scoticus; red grouse).
The red grouse - Lagopus lagopus scoticus - has featured on every label of a bottle of The Famous Grouse since the bird was first drawn in 1896 by Philippa Gloag.
This encourages the plants to produce nutritious new shoots to improve the grazing for sheep, deer, and, in particular, grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus).
Faecal egg counts provide a reliable measure of Trichostrongylus tenuis intensities in free-living red grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticus. JHelminthol 2004; 78: 69-76.
Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus on two adjacent submassifs, and Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) on lower ground between them, showed largely synchronous [sim]10-yr cycles during a [sim]50-yr study on the infertile Cairngorms massif of Scotland.
Red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) preferred older heather during both the winter and summer (Moss et al., 1972).
Investigating the loss of recruitment potential in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus): the relative importance of hen mortality, food supply, tick infestation and louping-ill.--Eur.
In wild red grouse, Lagopus lagopus scoticus, Wilson (1983) reported that 90% of the birds examined carried the caecal threadworm Trichostrongylus tenuis, with old birds carrying 30 times the burden of the young (no age effects were seen in the present study).
Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) showed two population density cycles during an 18-yr study on 14 [km.sup.2] of heather moorland that formed part of a larger moorland tract in northeast Scotland.
Clutch size, egg size, hatch weight, and laying date in relation to early egg mortality in Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticus chicks.