Lagos Escobar

La•gos Es•co•bar

(ˈlɑ goʊs ˌɛs koʊˈvɑr, -ˈbɑr)
Ricardo, born 1938, president of Chile since 2000.
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Anthony (Tony) Hodge, president of ICMM; Ravi Kant, vice-chairman of Tata Motors; Ricardo FroilA n Lagos Escobar, former president of Chile and founder president of Foundation for Democracy and Development; Karin Lissakers, director of Revenue Watch Institute; Darius Mans, president of Africare; Patrice Motsepe, founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM); Guto Quintella, director for Capital Projects Development and Implementation, Sustainability and Institutional Relations at Vale; Jeffrey D.
These include the selection of three special envoys on climate change -- South Korean Han Seung Soo, a former minister of foreign affairs, former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland and former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos Escobar, two of whom will deliver addresses on Wednesday.
The LNG offer was made in talks between President Susilo Yusgiantoro and his Chilean counterpart Ricardo Lagos Escobar on the sideline of the recent APEC meeting in Santiago.
Meeting with President of the Republic Ricardo Lagos Escobar, Education Minister Sergio Bitar, External Relations Minister Maria Soledad and Economy Minister Jorge Rodriguez Grossi.
Head of Government: President Ricardo Lagos Escobar
December's tight presidential race in Chile was between right-wing populist Joaquin Lavin and socialist Ricardo Lagos Escobar, while the only candidate who defended market economies finished a distant third.