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or lah·ma·jun or la·me·jun  (lä′mə-jo͞on′)
A flat pie typically made of unleavened dough topped with ground lamb or beef, garlic, spices, and other ingredients, and baked.

[Turkish lahmacun and Armenian lahmaǰun, both ultimately from Arabic laḥm bi-'ajīn : Arabic laḥm, meat; see lḥm in Semitic roots + Arabic bi-, with; see b in Semitic roots + Arabic 'ajīn, dough (from 'ajina, to knead; see ʕgn in Semitic roots).]
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Lamb shoulder & smoky aubergine flatbread This is loosely based on the Turkish dish of lahmacun, but with a thicker bread base similar to a pizza, and with shredded lamb shoulder rather than mince.
Turkey have their own version of pizza called lahmacun, and this is an easy way to do it.
I preferred to lose myself in the authentic Green Market, a massive covered sprawl where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, order a tasty lahmacun - a flatbread wrap filled with minced beef and salad - or sit with a glass of black tea and watch the world go by.
A "grazing" section includes fairly routine starters like garlic bread and peppers stuffed with goats' cheese, as well as the more exotic likes of lahmacun, a spiced lamb flatbread popular in Armenia and Turkey.
Discover Turkish specialties such as countless mezzeh and fresh salads, oven fresh Lahmacun, Pide's and Turkish pizza, calamari, Istanbul Kofta and meatball station, Bulgur pilaf, Mant?
Specialties include kebap (little pieces of broiled or roasted cow, sheep or chicken meat), dE[micro]ner (meat roasted on a vertical spit), lahmacun (Turkish pizza), sokak simit (a large, crispy bagel-like bread roll with sesame seeds) and an array of flaky pastries.
fte with yogurt, with Lahmacun and the signature Toros salad.
And a guide's also useful for pointing out the best place to eat nice kofte (meatballs) or lahmacun (Turkish-style thin pizza) for lunch.
And a guide's also useful for pointing out the best place to eat really nice kofte (meatballs) or lahmacun (Turkish-style thin pizza) for lunch.
After viewing the broad menu, which ranged from traditional fish and pasta dishes to meat casseroles and salads, I chose the Lahmacun spicy lamb minced with onions and served on a thin round crust, (pounds 2.