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(Finnish ˈlɑhti)
(Placename) a town in S Finland: site of the main Finnish radio and television stations; furniture industry. Pop: 98 253 (2003 est)


(ˈlɑx ti)

a city in S Finland, NNE of Helsinki. 94,948.
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En studie av missbrukarvarden i Lahtis, Kotka, Tavastehus, Norrkoping, Vasteras och Vaxjo fran 1930-talet till 2000-talet [Social Citizenship and Local Substance Abuse Treatment.
Before we commence said inspection and testing though, let us first make a brief examination of the history of both Lahtis, that we may gain some inkling of just why the Lahti "sisters" might differ qualitatively.
Thus the notion of building Lahtis under license in Sweden held appeal.
It should be noted, incidentally, that the Swedish and Finnish services were not the only users of Lahtis. Denmark issued contracts to both countries of manufacture, and there were commercial versions of both the L-35 and L-40 pistols.
And now comes yet another pair of sibling auto pistols to hold my attention: Finland's Lahi L-35 and its Swedish derivative, the Lahti L-40.
Accordingly, what emerged from Lahti's drawing board was a monument to functionality under dreadful conditions.
Anyhow, Finland ordered this grizzly bear of a pistol into quantity production in the year 1935, but manufacture proceeded at an extremely slow pace; this was because the Lahti was no easy pistol to build and also because the conscientious Finns refused to craft haphazard guns.
Totalling nearly EUR 400 million, the loans will support urban transport and education in the cities of Helsinki and Espoo as well as a combined-heat-and-power plant (CHP) in the City of Lahti.
Lastly, this afternoon a loan agreement worth EUR 75 million was signed with regional energy utility company Lahti Energia in central Finland for the deployment of a biomass-fired CHP plant.