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Noun1.Lahu - a Loloish language
Loloish - languages spoken by hill tribes in northern Burma and neighboring areas
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Addressing the Sufi poet who composed Heer Ranjha, Amrita Pritam continues: 'Ik roee si dhi Punjab di tu likh likh maarey wain/ Aj lakhan dhiyan rondiyan, tainu Waris Shah nu kehn/ Utth darmandiyan deya dardya, utth waikh apna Punjab/ Aj belay laashan wichhyan te lahu di bhari Chenab...' (Just one daughter of Punjab's woes caused your laments to flow/ Today a million daughters weep, and thee they do implore:/ Arise you chronicler of pain and witness your Punjab/ Where corpses sprout in the fields and blood flows down the Chenab.)
'Just wandering around the neighbourhood, talking to Shan construction workers, Akha and Lahu flower girls, listening to their stories, developing relationships with the local community,' said Lisa, 'I began to see how many tourists were behaving badly with these kids, drunkenly grabbing them and flinging them about in bars until early morning and much worse.
Rahbani broke up the set with the instrumental "Abu Ali," before playing "Asaadal Lahu," sung by the choir.
'Lahu Dey Rishtay' was his last film released in 1980, four years after his death.
124/742) transmitted in Medina the earliest tradition about its meaning (as referring to a person who dies leaving no child, man laysa lahu walad).
(25) People from upland ethnic groups, such as the Akha, Hmong, Iu-Mien, Lahu and Lisu, have not always been recognised as Thai, instead being racially categorised as non-Thai migrants or foreign transgressors.
1990 "Considering Gender Balance in Religion and Ritual Music among the Hmong and Lahu in Northern Thailand." In Music, Gender and Culture.
The deceased have been identified as Vishwanath (76), Dinkar (74), Ramesh Jaipal (70), Sumedha (65), Lahu (65) and Suchitra (65).
I also performed at a music festival in Islamabad with Mai Dhai and Natasha Baig and collaborated with Qawalistan and Lahu Band.
LAHU - USA is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, based in New York City.
The project's cable runs 820 kilometers from Rawalpindi near Islamabad in the south to the Hongqi Lahu port on the border between China and Pakistan.