Lake Champlain

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Noun1.Lake Champlain - a lake in northeastern New York, northwestern Vermont and southern QuebecLake Champlain - a lake in northeastern New York, northwestern Vermont and southern Quebec; site of many battles in the French and Indian War and in the American Revolution and in the War of 1812
Quebec - the largest province of Canada; a French colony from 1663 to 1759 when it was lost to the British
Empire State, New York State, NY, New York - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
Green Mountain State, Vermont, VT - a state in New England
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Thus a literal translation of the name of this beautiful sheet of water, used by the tribe that dwelt on its banks, would be "The Tail of the Lake." Lake George, as it is vulgarly, and now, indeed, legally, called, forms a sort of tail to Lake Champlain, when viewed on the map.
That of New Hampshire is to be marched to Georgia, of Georgia to New Hampshire, of New York to Kentucky, and of Kentucky to Lake Champlain. Nay, the debts due to the French and Dutch are to be paid in militiamen instead of louis d'ors and ducats.
The Indian, paddling his birch canoe on Lake Champlain, looked up at the high ramparts of Ticonderoga, stone piled on stone, bristling with cannon, and the white flag of France floating above.
John's, which is on the brink of Lake Champlain. Our last greeting in Canada was from the English officers in the pleasant barracks at that place (a class of gentlemen who had made every hour of our visit memorable by their hospitality and friendship); and with 'Rule Britannia' sounding in our ears, soon left it far behind.
There is one American boat - the vessel which carried us on Lake Champlain, from St.
Our travellers returned to the city by the way of Montreal and Lake Champlain; nor was it until Julia had been the happy wife of Charles Weston for more than a year, that she could summon resolution to own that she had once been in love, like thousands of her sex, "with a man of straw!"
I am refreshed and expanded when the freight train rattles past me, and I smell the stores which go dispensing their odors all the way from Long Wharf to Lake Champlain, reminding me of foreign parts, of coral reefs, and Indian oceans, and tropical climes, and the extent of the globe.
A woman reeled in a fish that appears to have two mouths while fishing in Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, New York.
Without a resplendent Lake Champlain, hotels and house rentals would sit empty and property values across the area would plummet.
New York State recently acquired more than 600 acres of undeveloped Lake Champlain shoreline, expanding opportunities for people to access these pristine waters and enjoy picturesque views of the eastern Adirondacks.
The Battle of Lake Champlain: A "Brilliant and Extraordinary Victory".