Lake Vanern

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Noun1.Lake Vanern - a lake in southwestern Sweden; the largest lake in Sweden
Kingdom of Sweden, Sverige, Sweden - a Scandinavian kingdom in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula
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Analysis of the mtCOI gene revealed two main clades as a phylogenetic tree and a network of haplotypes: a clade with Fennoscandian populations in Lake Paajarvi (Finland) and Lake Vanern (Sweden), and a second clade with populations in Lake Vortsjarv (Estonia), Orlov Pond in Saint Petersburg (Russia), and the type locality of the species in Lake Geneva (Switzerland).
Even her childhood playhouse remains as it was in the garden, and they go to nearby Lake Vanern to pray where their daughter's ashes were scattered after her funeral in London.
Early Holocene shore displacement and evidence of irregular isostatic uplift northwest of Lake Vanern, western Sweden.
The waterjet-powered navy vessel has us outmanoeuvred as we cruise on the sailing ship on Lake Vanern, the largest lake in Sweden, on a fine summer's evening.
The paper quoted her uncle Ashok Hindocha as saying that her ashes were scattered out on Lake Vanern, next to Mariestad where Anni was born and where she spent her childhood.
His brother Ashok said at the family home: "We will gather around Lake Vanern, where Anni loved spending her childhood swimming, cycling, walking and playing with friends.
(2008) noted lower values of nitrate N and Si in Lake Vanern in ice-free winters and higher values of those elements in winters with an ice cover.