Winnipegosis Lake

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 (wĭn′ə-pĭ-gō′sĭs), Lake
A lake of southwest Manitoba, Canada, west of Lake Winnipeg. It drains southward into Lake Manitoba.
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The minister said the risk of major flooding is currently low for all lakes including Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis and Dauphin Lake and the Whiteshell lakes.
In 1881, Manitoba's eastern boundary extended to its present junction with Ontario, and it went west to meet what is now Saskatchewan, and northward to near the top of Lake Winnipegosis.
During one of their stops at Lake Winnipegosis in Manitoba, a local fisherman visited the voyageurs and asked which of them was related to the Chartrands.
Jason operates out of Fisher Branch, Manitoba, located in the Interlake area between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis.
The region extends north of Swan River to the Lake Winnipegosis Salt Flats Ecological Reserve, east along the west shore of Lake Winnipegosis, south to the south end of the Duck Mountains and west to the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border.
It's planned to hire a researcher or researchers fluent in Cree and Saulteaux to interview people in four communities along the west shore of Lake Winnipegosis.
From this point on the main stem of the River flows in a north easterly direction for 550 km and eventually empties into Manitoba's Cedar Lake, just above Lake Winnipegosis.
Both provincial parks are located in the northern basin of Lake Winnipegosis approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Grand Rapids.
Also called cormorants, the fish-eating birds nest around Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis and other water bodies, and are widely perceived as having excessively voracious appetites that deprive lake fishers of their rightful share of the resource.
It was in 1854 that McDonald came by way of Hudson Bay to York Factory on the annual trip from London, and was assigned to the Swan River District, within whose bounds he spent his life, doing his work at Manitoba coast, Shoal River, Lake Winnipegosis, Fort Pelly, Touchwood Hills, Fort Ellice, and Fort Qu'Appelle.
James Joseph Monkman established himself as a salt-maker as early as 1818, working the springs at Swan Lake, Duck Bay and finally at the Red Deer Peninsula on Lake Winnipegosis.
When times were especially hard they fished on Lake Winnipegosis or took on other jobs to support their families.