Lake dwellers

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(Ethnol.) people of a prehistoric race, or races, which inhabited different parts of Europe. Their dwellings were built on piles in lakes, a short distance from the shore. Their relics are common in the lakes of Switzerland.

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As informed by Professor Sahu, a study will be carried out to convert the water plants into organic fertilizer along with studying the quality of life of the lake dwellers, accordingly recommending how to improve their life.
Aspiring actress Francie has become famous back home for her portrayal of a young detective, so it does not surprise anyone locally when she starts asking questions about the mysterious deaths of lake dwellers. There does not appear to be any pattern to the deaths, and there is a surplus of sinister suspects including the real estate developer, Buck Thorne, until he too meets an untimely demise.
Sonia was to lay the foundation for a resettlement colony for Dal Lake dwellers, who will be moved as part of a project to clean up the scenic lake in Srinagar.
True bugs, scientifically known as Hemipterans, also include pond and lake dwellers. Some, like the giant water bug, are nearly three inches long and should be handled carefully.
There are many battles going on in our area between country and lake dwellers. Lake dwellers want city conveniences out in the country and it may run by your dream home.
Grape kernels from the young stone age (3000-1800 BC) are proof that even the "lake dwellers" of that age were well aware of the fact that a heavenly, tasty drink could be made from grapes.
There were the lake dwellers in the Ice Age when the Arrow Valley was under water.
LC's mind set was formed at five years old by playing with Froebel Blocks (soon we will find that Mies did too); perhaps in adolescence by reading Rousseau and about the primitive lake dwellers of Switzerland; in his twenties by visiting the wooden houses of Turkey; and at the age of 30, translating all these influences, into his Domino scheme, and the box-on-stilts.
So, it should now be possible for the lake dwellers to get their compensation," said Yaseen.