Lake dwellings

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(Archæol.) dwellings built over a lake, sometimes on piles, and sometimes on rude foundations kept in place by piles; specifically, such dwellings of prehistoric times. Lake dwellings are still used by many savage tribes. Called also lacustrine dwellings. See Crannog.

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"In 2016, we reported on very early, Neolithic crannogs or lake dwellings in the Hebrides; in 2017, we had two extraordinary Neolithic mounds which had been presumed to be focused on burials, but were found to contain the remains of huge timber buildings.
Landscape with Lake Dwellings: The Crannogs of Scotland.
June 8: Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of Swiss lake dwellings at the 'Pfahlbauer' at Landesmuseen at 7:00 pm.