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n. & v.1.See Lack.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ho so lakkep o vertu, his saule is naked in o partie, and [??]er fore [??]if [??]ou wilt be hoot, alle a boute clothe thi saule with many vertues, so [??]at non lakke to [??]e.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 29, 2015-Norwegian Construction Firm Veidekke Acquires Tore LAkke
Norwegian construction and property development company Veidekke EntreprenAr AS has entered into a final agreement to acquire 80% of the shares of civil engineering contractor Tore LAkke AS in A...fjord at Fosen in SAr-TrAndelag, the company said.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 11, 2015-NEL ASA names AndrA(c) LAkke as CEO
Lakke, "Training of compensational strategies for impaired gross motor skills in Parkinson's disease," Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, vol.
Uks noormees utles Kashinile mingi jameduse, mispeale see nagu abipaluvalt koosolijate poole poordudes sonas: "Saarane on selle nooruki kultuur!" Kohe pisteti talle aga nina alla broshuur piltidega vene veretoodest, oeldes: "Saarane on noukogude kultuur!" Lakke riputati silmusega kois ja soovitati Stalini esindajale seda enda suhtes kasutusele votta.
Wednesday began with conference president and Danish environment minister Connie Hedegaard resigning from her post and Danish Prime Minister Lars Lakke Rasmussen taking over.
Some examples are: in fantasyes fell, tristis in trayne, in hym trowe or triste, in forges any feloune, in his baptyme John, take tente; lerned lelly in youre lay, my maisterpat neuere lakke in lay, in oghtat euere vs may availe.
In the entire prologue, the Cook speaks only four lines, and once the Host and Manciple begin reviling him, he can only nod furiously for "lakke of speche" (48).