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 (lăl′ən) also Lal·lans (-ənz)
n. Scots
1. The Lowlands of Scotland.
2. Scots as spoken in southern and eastern Scotland.

[Scots, alteration of lowland.]

Lal′lan adj.
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(ˈlæl ən)

adj. Scot.
of or belonging to the Lallans.
[1775–85; Scots form of lowland]
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President of the Sindh AgriculAture General Workers Union (SAGWU) (CBA) Ali Ahmed PanAAhwar, vice president Sabhagi Bheel and general secretary Lal Bux Lallan Sathio, National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) leader Mehboob Qureshi, Home-Based Women Workers FederaAtion leaAder Shakila Khan and others condAeAmned what they called 'economic murder' of cane growers by most millers.
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