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Of or relating to Lamarckism.
A supporter of Lamarckism.
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(Biology) of or relating to Lamarck
(Biology) a supporter of Lamarckism
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(ləˈmɑr ki ən)

1. of or pertaining to Jean de Lamarck or Lamarckism.
2. an advocate of Lamarckism.
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Noun1.Lamarckian - a believer in Lamarckism
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Lamarckian - of or relating to Lamarckism; "Lamarckian theories"
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Additionally, Lamarckian genetic algorithm which is modified for flexible ligand-receptor docking was used and it consents to grip greater degrees of freedom.
In evolutionary theories (Lamarckian and Darwinian), environment and physical changes could be transmitted to the descendants (1).
What is more, a comparative reading of the mixed-race utopianism in Angel Island and Of One Blood would have shown how these women uniquely fused, for better or worse, Darwinian and Lamarckian evolutionary theories in their visions of racially just feminist futures.
Challenged by Lord Kelvin's claims that earth and sun were too young to give evolution sufficient time to do its work, especially in the human case, where care for the weak blunts the edge of natural selection, Darwin leaned on Lamarckian thoughts to accelerate the process.
(59) Consistent with the Lamarckian view of inheritance, Spencer believed that mental functions, including instinct and morality, originated as habits that were passed down to future generations.
Auto-Dock-Vina was exploited for docking calculations using the Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm [38].
The Lamarckian Genetic algorithm (GA-LS) was chosen to search for the best conformations 100 runs for each ligand (genetic algorithm with local search).
The video starts off with a brief explanation of Lamarckian evolution, widely considered the earliest attempt to explain the heritability of traits in biological systems.
Lamarckian genetic algorithm method was used for all the calculations of the drug-ligand flexible docking.
The docking was accomplished using Solis and Wets local search method and Lamarckian Genetic algorithm (LGA) [34].
In AutoDock 4.2, a new hybrid algorithm of random drift particle swarm optimization with local search (LRDPSO) [10] and Lamarckian genetic algorithm (LGA) [11] were used as energy search algorithms.