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n.1.Foil or wire made of gold, silver, or brass.
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Decorations were made with crepe-paper and draped with silver lametta which drove anyone over four feet tall mad.
Randa Accessories, Pierina Lametta, Director Licensing, 212-768-8800, lamettap@randa.
La madame mi taglia una ciocca di capelli, sia dalla fronte che dalla nuca; mi preleva parti di unghie delle mani e dei piedi e con una lametta mi procura delle incisioni sui polsi, sul petto e sulle caviglie.
The infant school-made ornaments that are now just solid lumps of glue where the glitter has all flaked off, and the rather lamentable lametta that you have besen plucking off the tree and stuffing back in the box for years.
Mayor LaMetta Wynn and various school district and state officials welcomed more than 800 children and families at a celebration held at the Clinton Lumberjack Ballpark.
DURING a period in life when most grandmothers her age are looking forward to the tranquil peacefulness of retirement, newly elected a Mayor LaMetta K.
United Media Licensing, Pierina Lametta, Sales Associate, 212-293-8500, P.
Lametta Wynn's victory in Clinton, Iowa, may have made her the state's first black mayor.