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1. Any of various kelps of the genera Laminaria and Saccharina of temperate and arctic waters, used commercially in foodstuffs, dietary supplements, and medicinal products.
2. A small rod formed of dehydrated laminaria tissue, applied to the cervical os to stimulate dilation.

[New Latin Lāmināria (from Latin lāmina, thin sheet, leaf).]
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1. (Plants) any brown seaweed of the genus Laminaria, having large fluted leathery fronds
2. (Botany) any brown seaweed of the genus Laminaria, having large fluted leathery fronds
[C19: genus name formed from Latin lamina plate]
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(ˌlæm əˈnɛər i ə)

n., pl. -nar•i•as.
any of various often very large kelps of the genus Laminaria, some species of which are the source of algins used as thickening or stabilizing agents in foodstuffs and other products.
[< New Latin (1813); see lamina, -ary]
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Noun1.laminaria - type genus of the family Laminariaceae: perennial brown kelpsLaminaria - type genus of the family Laminariaceae: perennial brown kelps
protoctist genus - any genus of Protoctista
family Laminariaceae, Laminariaceae - large family of marine brown algae including many economically important large kelps chiefly of northern waters
kelp - large brown seaweeds having fluted leathery fronds
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n laminaria
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Ten reappearances included four fish (Balistes polylepis, Ctenogobius sagittula, Hypsypops rubicundus and Sphoeroides annulatus), two crustaceans (Callinectes arcuatus and Farfantepenaeus californiensis), one brachiopod (Glottidia albida), one kelp (Laminaria farlowii), one sea cucumber (Leptosynapta albicans), and one cnidarian (Phyllorhiza punctata).
Researchers have discovered that a species of seaweed, Laminaria ochroleuca, contains Actinobacteria, a family of bacteria that has been used in the development of more than 20,000 drug candidates.
[USA], Apr 9 (ANI): For the first time, a new study has revealed that a common species of seaweed, Laminaria Ochroleuca, is a rich source of bacteria with antimicrobial and anticancer activities - and potential new drug candidates.
Laminaria digitata (brown seaweed) is rich in compounds called fucoidans.
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The saccharide isomerate comprises an exopolysaccharide synthesized by Vibrio alginolyticus, and the hydrolyzed algin extract comprises an anionic polysaccharide synthesized by Laminaria digitate.
These huge tides are brilliant for Laminaria digitata - a seaweed used in cosmetics, toothpaste, paper, medicines, yogurt and ice-cream.
After around 50 minutes of gentle manipulation, we moved onto the hydrating and purifying facial, using a dual action 'Mermaid's Purse' face mask and Laminaria seaweed leaves.
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