Laminated arch

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(Arch.) a timber arch made of layers of bent planks secured by treenails.

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An analytical model was developed to study pre- and post-crack behavior of a reinforced laminated arch. The application of composite materials in radial reinforcement of arches is feasible and possibly has advantages over the glued-in steel rods because of greater flexibility of sizes and properties of reinforcing elements, low mass, and potential ease of installation.
by 16-ft., single span structure features a Town lattice truss design, with laminated arches that were added in 1972.
Each laminated arched beam was connected to the cables by ball joints and had to be engineered and installed in the proper sequence to fit precisely once the cables were fully loaded.
Taken from those presented at the May 2008 conference, these papers address impact and blast loading characteristics (including the high velocity impact of a composite sandwich panel and impact compression and tensile testing with a Charpy pendulum), protection of structures from blast loads (including blast-resistant highway bridges), energy absorption (including an analysis of foams in hurling helmets), structural crash worthiness (including concrete columns under vehicle impact), hazard mitigation and assessment (including responses of laminated arches to impact loads), behavior of steel structures.