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Swedish IT company Carl Lamm Holding AB (OMX Stockholm:CLAM) said on Wednesday (18 February) that it has received a five-year contract to supply multi-function copiers and printers to the architectural consulting company White Arkitekter AB.
NOW: Lamm, 63, is back after 14 months, retired in Cottage Grove and glad he took the wildest side trip of his life.
Yet Lamm was there, before 150 engineers and government officials, at nicely plush Mount Vernon Country Club, overlooking the Platte River Valley and the Denver Basin, a set of aquifers, issuing another stern warning about America's and Colorado's future if certain dire trends are left un-addressed.
Lamm moved to St Winefride's Nursing Home in Romilly Crescent, Canton, in July, where managers said they had no idea of his paedophile past.
Earlier, Lamm addressed the convention and equally briefly congratulated Perot.
Swedish IT company Carl Lamm Holding AB (OMX Stockholm:CLAM) said on Thursday (15 January) that it has renewed its contract to supply multi-function copiers to Vaxjo University in Sweden.
Lamm signed up to work for at least six months as an instructor for MPRI, a company based in Alexandria, Va.
While Lamm showed up to give a brief speech about his belief in third-party politics, he said he has not decided whether to back Perot.
In addition to the well known contributions of computers, and ideas from computer science, to biology, say Lamm and Unger (not further identified), biological thinking has also influenced computing, and it is this phenomenon that they pursue here.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-15 January 2009-Swedish IT company Carl Lamm Holding AB signs new 3-year supply contract with Swedish university(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.