Lammas Day

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Noun1.Lammas Day - commemorates Saint Peter's miraculous deliverance from prisonLammas Day - commemorates Saint Peter's miraculous deliverance from prison; a quarter day in Scotland; a harvest festival in England
quarter day - a Christian holy day; one of four specified days when certain payments are due
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answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Delilah; Valves; Denmark; February 1995 REMEMBER WHEN: 1987 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: 58p and 62p per pound WORDWISE: C WHO AM I: Jermain Defoe 10 QUESTIONS: 1 Acid, 2 Shoemaker, 3 Shropshire, 4 Mathilda, 5 St Nicholas, 6 Constantine, 7 Lammas Day, 8 23, 9 Kenya, 10 Pyrite
Playing on the name of the ancient Lammas Day - the first harvest festival of the year - Llamb's Day marks the start of the Welsh lamb season, inviting everyone to feast on the finest, freshest lamb that's been reared on the lush Welsh grasslands using farming methods that date back centuries.
Among programme highlights is a Lammas Day event on Saturday August 1, where you can weave a corn dolly from straw and make your own flat bread to cook over an open fire; and two map reading courses in Shibden Park organised by David Austin from the Calderdale branch of the Ramblers Association.
A Penguin B Auk C Guillemot D Albatross QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: When is Lammas Day? A August 1st B September 1st C October 1st D November 1st All puzzles in this supplement are supplied by Sirius Media Services.
In addition, numerous ancient festivals were based on nature and agriculture, like today - Lammas Day. Observed Aug.