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n.1.(Zool.) See Lamprey.
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'More and more drivers are choosing electric vehicles, leaving fossil fuels behind and turning to the energy we provide,' said France Lampron, Director of Transportation Electrification at Hydro-Quebec and President of Electric Circuit.
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Between them, the OED, W2, W3, the online Unabridged Merriam-Webster, Funk & Wagnall's, and the Century Dictionary offer these words beginning with lampro-Lamprocolius lampron Lamprophane lamprophanite lamprophoner lamprophonia lamprophony lamprophyllite lamprophyre lamprophyric lampropid Lampropidae lampropoid Lamprops Lampropsidae Lamprosoma Lamprotes Lamprotinae Lamprotornis Lamprotornithinae lamprotype
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For schools that already have PBIS in place, researchers consider the weaving of RP into the existing multitiered framework as congruous and potent (Ashley, 2016; Bradshaw, 2013; Lampron & Gonsoulin, 2013; Sprague & Tobin, 2017).
Pour une interpretation conciliant les libertes d'expression et d'association, voix par ex Christian Brunelle, Louis-Philippe Lampron et Myriam Roussel, << La liberte d'expression en contexte de crise : le cas de la greve etudiante >> (2012) 53:4 C de D 831.
As some practices instituted within school settings, such as School Wide Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (SWPBIS), provide a much needed system of guidance, structure, consistency, support, and care (Coffey & Horner, 2012; Gonsoulin & Lampron, 2013; Sugai & Horner, 2006).
For children with conduct disorder and aggression cognitive behavior therapies focus on social cognitions and interpersonal problem solving (Durlak, Fuhrman, and Lampron, 1991).