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Lan·cas·ter 1

 (lăng′kə-stər, lăn′-)
English royal house that from 1399 to 1461 produced three kings of England—Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI. During the Wars of the Roses its symbol was a red rose.

Lan·cas′tri·an (lăng-kăs′trē-ən) adj. & n.

Lan·cas·ter 2

 (lăng′kə-stər, -kăs′tər, lăn′-)
1. A city of northwest England north of Liverpool. Chartered in 1193, it was built on the site of a Roman frontier station.
2. A city of southeast Pennsylvania west of Philadelphia. A trade center in a rich farming region, it was settled by German Mennonites c. 1709 and was the meeting place of the Continental Congress in 1777.
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(Placename) a city in NW England, former county town of Lancashire, on the River Lune: castle (built on the site of a Roman camp); university (1964). Pop: 45 952 (2001)


(ˈlæŋkəstə; ˈlæŋˌkæstə)
(Biography) the English royal house that reigned from 1399 to 1461
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(ˈlæŋ kə stər; for 3,4 also -kæs tər)

1. a member of the English royal family that reigned 1399–1461, descended from John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.
2. a city in Lancashire, in NW England. 133,600.
3. a city in SE Pennsylvania. 58,980.
4. a town in S California. 115,675.
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Noun1.Lancaster - a city in northwestern EnglandLancaster - a city in northwestern England  
England - a division of the United Kingdom
Lancastrian - a resident of Lancaster
2.Lancaster - the English royal house that reigned from 1399 to 1461; its emblem was a red rose
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
royal family, royal house, royal line, royalty - royal persons collectively; "the wedding was attended by royalty"
Lancastrian - a member (or supporter) of the house of Lancaster
Bolingbroke, Henry Bolingbroke, Henry IV - the first Lancastrian king of England from 1399 to 1413; deposed Richard II and suppressed rebellions (1367-1413)
Henry V - son of Henry IV and King of England from 1413 to 1422; reopened the Hundred Years' War and defeated the French at Agincourt (1387-1422)
Henry VI - son of Henry V who as an infant succeeded his father and was King of England from 1422 to 1461; he was taken prisoner in 1460 and Edward IV was proclaimed king; he was rescued and regained the throne in 1470 but was recaptured and murdered in the Tower of London (1421-1471)
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From England had arrived the prince's brother, the Duke of Lancaster, with four hundred knights in his train and a strong company of archers.
Two hundred heavily-armed cavalry rode behind the Audley standard, while close at their heels came the Duke of Lancaster with a glittering train, heralds tabarded with the royal arms riding three deep upon cream-colored chargers in front of him.
It was on a Monday that the Duke of Lancaster's division passed safely through the Pyrenees.
After performing at Sheffield and Manchester, we have moved to Liverpool, Preston, and Lancaster. Another change in this weathercock of a girl.
As a misfortune to begin with, our engine broke down between Lancaster and Carlisle.
Lancaster, who was jailed in December 2002, for the manslaughter of tragic drug addict Robert "Swampy" Parkin, had been released on temporary licence from Doncaster's HMP Moorland on January 17.
Lancaster, the South Carolina-based paint sundries distributor, has teamed up with the National Hardware Show[R] (scheduled for May 5-7, 2009, in Las Vegas) to create an innovative new area supporting dealers and retailers as well as participating exhibitors.
Lancaster has continuously emerged as a visionary leader in the field of library and information science.
I REFER to the article in Monday's paper about the Lancaster bomber and Mrs Beagan's work in the Avro drawing office.
Martin Lancaster, who led the community college system as its responsibility grew to retrain workers who lost jobs in traditional manufacturing fields such as furniture and textiles, will retire as president in May 2008.
Lancaster, FAIA, announced the launch of a new enforcement campaign designed to combat illegal advertising signs posted on sidewalk sheds.
One appendix describes how you can carry out your own 'thrust line analysis' of an arch, while another tabulates Lancaster's analysis of rubble samples from key buildings to show that building materials were being imported into Rome from Vesuvius throughout the study period.

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