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5) Whitman's own teacher had apparently adhered closely to a so-called Lancasterian view of education--a Quaker-inspired school-reform movement that instituted student "monitors" to teach younger students as a central pillar of its praxis.
Currently in his second spell at Kingston Park, the Lancasterian is grateful to the club for rescuing his Premiership career after a move to Leicester saw him slide down the pecking order.
Thomson did his work within the existing structures, in cooperation with Catholic priests and using the Lancasterian method of education in Peru.
In this direction, the most outstanding contribution has been given by the Lancasterian perspective on the characteristics of goods and services, revisited by Gallouj (2002), in which each product can be construed as a system combining the technologies deployed (tangible or intangible) and skills necessary for their production (producer skills) and their use (customer skills).
CARRICKFERGUS THE route will be Sunnylands Avenue, Northlands, North Road, St Brides Street, Albert Road, Lancasterian Street, Antrim Street, Joymount, Scotch Quarter, before ending up at Woodburn Playing Fields.
Proceeds go to the Lancasterian School in Manchester, which looks after pupils with a range of physical and medical disabilities.
The British or Lancasterian School opened in September 1809 in Severn Street, some of whose buildings still survive today.
The reason for expressing prawns as a profile of attributes stems from the Lancasterian view of utility, which asserts that characteristics of products and services are sources of consumer utility.
In contrast with this schooling dimension, the second part reveals an unknown dimension of the Lancasterian project that allowed women to acquire literacy levels adequate to undertake a self-taught way which, at the same time, the society did not stop censoring.
In this way, the Lancasterian method proved pedagogically ideal for a philanthropic class fearful of a vast, uneducated and impoverished multitude with little access to religious schooling and the virtues it developed.