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Lan·cas·ter 1

 (lăng′kə-stər, lăn′-)
English royal house that from 1399 to 1461 produced three kings of England—Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI. During the Wars of the Roses its symbol was a red rose.

Lan·cas′tri·an (lăng-kăs′trē-ən) adj. & n.

Lan·cas·ter 2

 (lăng′kə-stər, -kăs′tər, lăn′-)
1. A city of northwest England north of Liverpool. Chartered in 1193, it was built on the site of a Roman frontier station.
2. A city of southeast Pennsylvania west of Philadelphia. A trade center in a rich farming region, it was settled by German Mennonites c. 1709 and was the meeting place of the Continental Congress in 1777.


(Peoples) a native or resident of Lancashire or Lancaster
(Placename) of or relating to Lancashire or Lancaster


(Historical Terms) an adherent of the house of Lancaster in the Wars of the Roses. Compare Yorkist
(Historical Terms) of or relating to the house of Lancaster


(læŋˈkæs tri ən)

1. of or pertaining to the royal family of Lancaster.
2. an adherent or member of the house of Lancaster, esp. in the Wars of the Roses.
3. a native or resident of Lancashire or Lancaster, England.
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Noun1.Lancastrian - a member (or supporter) of the house of Lancaster
House of Lancaster, Lancastrian line, Lancaster - the English royal house that reigned from 1399 to 1461; its emblem was a red rose
English person - a native or inhabitant of England
2.Lancastrian - a resident of Lancaster
Lancaster - a city in northwestern England
English person - a native or inhabitant of England
Adj.1.Lancastrian - of or relating to the former English royal house or their supporters; "Lancastrian royalty"
2.Lancastrian - of or relating to the English city of Lancaster or its residents; "Lancastrian city center"


A. ADJde Lancashire
B. Nnativo/a m/f de Lancashire, habitante mf de Lancashire
References in classic literature ?
Yet Rattray's visit left its own mark on my mind; and long after he was gone I lay puzzling over the connection between a young Lancastrian, of good name, of ancient property, of great personal charm, and a crime of unparalleled atrocity committed in cold blood on the high seas.
Survival means affiliation with the Lancastrians, and naive, brawny Anthony is soon in over his head as battlefields are traded for banquets and blades exchanged for backroom deals.
1471: The Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at the Battle of Tewkesbury in the War of the Roses, killing Lancastrian heir to the throne Edward, Prince of Wales and securing the return to the throne of Edward IV: the Lancastrian Henry VI died, probably murdered, shortly afterwards in the Tower of London.
1455: In the War of the Roses, the Lancastrians defeated the Yorkists at the Battle of St Albans.
military veteran and Lancaster resident Kevin Doyle will present "Battle of Ball's Bluff, Virginia, October 21, 1861: Lancastrians Take the Lead
After Saturday's gritty 1-1 draw with Workington last Saturday, United travel up to the Butcher Arms ground quietly confident they can follow up with a three-point haul and add to the troubles of the Lancastrians, who have lost their last six home league fixtures.
Raised by his uncle, Jasper Tudor, the pair had to flee to France when the Lancastrians suffered defeat in 1471.
1471: The Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at the Battle of Barnet, in the War of the Roses: the battle saw the death of Lancastrian commander Richard, Earl of Warwick, nicknamed "The Kingmaker".
The goal came at the half-hour mark, and although the Lancastrians levelled in the second half, Town coach Graham Mitchell was pleased with the performance, saying: "It was a tight game and we competed well.
Lancastrians made it an orthodoxy that Richard was an extravagant tyrant, who neither remedied grievances nor valued good counsel, his regime childish and immature, and his household self-indulgent and oppressive.
The identity of that target is unknown, though the Lancastrians have been linked with Tottenham's Paul Robinson recently.
The Reds have failed to beat the Lancastrians in their three previous attempts and can ill afford to drop any more points in their pursuit of Champions League football next season.