Land side

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That side of anything in or on the sea, as of an island or ship, which is turned toward the land.
The side of a plow which is opposite to the moldboard and which presses against the unplowed land.

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Any one possessing a mile or two of secluded seaboard, cut off on the land side by precipitous approaches, and including a sheltered river mouth ingeniously hidden by nature, in the form of a jutting wall of rock, from the sea, might have made as good use of these natural opportunities as the nobleman in question, had they only been as wise and as rich.
'Agnes, I want you to take a walk with me to--' (he named a certain part of the coast--a bold hill on the land side, and towards the sea a steep precipice, from the summit of which a glorious view is to be had).
Meantime he was busying himself with striking a fire to set alight a small heap of dry sticks he had made ready beforehand on that spot which in all the circuit of the Bay was perfectly screened from observation from the land side.
On her land side, along her boundaries, were millions of the warriors of Europe.
The next day, giving them a salute of five guns at parting, we set sail, and arrived at the bay of All Saints in the Brazils in about twenty-two days, meeting nothing remarkable in our passage but this: that about three days after we had sailed, being becalmed, and the current setting strong to the ENE., running, as it were, into a bay or gulf on the land side, we were driven something out of our course, and once or twice our men cried out, "Land to the eastward!" but whether it was the continent or islands we could not tell by any means.
I stepped in quickly to close the shutter on the land side. That fool-helmsman, his hands on the spokes, was lifting his knees high, stamping his feet, champing his mouth, like a reined-in horse.
Mesbahul Islam said many char people are farming sweet potato on sandy-barren and char land side by side with farmers in the mainland.
The area surrounding the villa has been placed on lockdown today with police and private security guards now checking everyone and patrolling the area on the land side of the peninsula where the Villa is located.
'Costs on the land side, which is clearing cargoes and cargo delivery are just minute compared to costs at the quay side and the shipping side.
"The airport security challenges are land side security, cyber security and security check points.
Australian drilling contractor, Dunstans Construction Group, employed a crawler-based Herrenknecht HK250C HDD rig, first drilling a pilot hole from the treatment plant to the coast and under the sea, and then reaming the borehole from the land side. At that point, Dunstans overcame another hurdle--transporting the product pipe by sea past Port Philip Bay, one of the busiest ports in Australia, without obstructing activity.