Land snail

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(Zool.) any snail which lives on land, as distinguished from the aquatic snails are Pulmonifera, and belong to the Geophila; but the operculated land snails of warm countries are Diœcia, and belong to the Tænioglossa. See Geophila, and Helix.

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Two naturally occurring widespread species of the predaceous land snail Euglandina are currently recognized from Texas.
The list of alien parasite experiments which went wrong include: Killer snails (Euglandina rosea) were introduced to Hawaii to control the giant African land snail but they started attacking native snails too the cane toad, brought in by Australian farmers to control the cane beetle, spread rapidly, killing animals who tried to attack them the mongoose, introduced to Hawaii to keep down rat numbers, soon found it much easier to dine on birds' eggs instead.
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Rescuing 'Colin,' a Giant African Land Snail (the snail was being thrown away - in a green 'wheelie bin' - by one of Waste King's customers).
The biggest giant African land snail ever recorded measured almost 40cm from snout to tail when fully extended and weighed nearly one kilogram.
There are plenty of friendly animal encounters, including the chance to feed some of the free range Somali sheep, pygmy goats and Cameroon sheep; while the village keeper does themed talks to accompany timed animal feeding demonstrations, and introduces other small animals, such as the giant African land snail or pygmy hedgehog.
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Other gastropods that have also been investigated are a sea hare Aplysia kurodai, a land snail Achatina fulica (Fujii & Takeda 1988), an aquatic snail Lymnaea stagnalis (Audesirk 1985), and an opisthobranch Phestilla sibogae (Croll et al.
cantonensis has, in some instances, been linked to the introduction of the African giant land snail, Achatina fulica (5).