Land snail

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(Zool.) any snail which lives on land, as distinguished from the aquatic snails are Pulmonifera, and belong to the Geophila; but the operculated land snails of warm countries are Diœcia, and belong to the Tænioglossa. See Geophila, and Helix.

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A Cuban land snail (2)-- like most snails--grows its shell in a spiral pattern too.
San Xavier Talussnail (Sonorella eremita) In 1994, the FWS proposed to list this land snail, which is known only from a single hillside in Pima County, Arizona, as an endangered species.
Exploring Species Level Taxonomy and Species Delimitation Methods in the Facultatively Self Fertilizing Land Snail Genus Rumina (Gastropoda: Pulmonata).
They got to see geckos, bearded dragons, pythons, hedgehogs, stick insects, a giant African land snail, a barn owl and even a Eurasian eagle owl
It will also target 11 plant species included in the Annex II of the Habitats Directive and Annex I of the Birds Directive, such as Zino s petrel (Pterodroma madeira) and the Madeiran land snail (Leiostyla cassida), the distribution of which is mostly or completely restricted to the MMO.
Land snail shells serve as a calcium source for various organisms that feed on them, especially for eggshell formation, muscle contraction, and osmoregulation (Graveland & van der Wal 1996; Hottop 2002).
Population regulation in the land snail Arianta arbustorum: density effects on adult size, clutch size, and incidence of egg cannibalism, Oecologia 77: 390-394.
Rescuing 'Colin,' a Giant African Land Snail (the snail was being thrown away - in a green 'wheelie bin' - by one of Waste King's customers).
The giant African land snail is truly a king among snails , - it is the largest known gastropod.
Protection of the site connects a landscape of conservation areas and significantly advances recovery efforts for Tennessee's lone federally protected species of land snail.
This snail known as the giant African snail is a fast-growing invasive phytopolyphagous pest considered as the most ecologically damaging land snail and ranks second among the "100 Worst Alien Invasive Species" [1].