Land snail

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(Zool.) any snail which lives on land, as distinguished from the aquatic snails are Pulmonifera, and belong to the Geophila; but the operculated land snails of warm countries are Diœcia, and belong to the Tænioglossa. See Geophila, and Helix.

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Gould, who died in 2002, also provided a record of the near extinction of the greater Bermuda land snail species, after he had earlier found thousands of live snails when he visited Bermuda in the 1960s.
Sometimes Ms Everitt also brings her African land snail and an African train millipede to the classes.
Kershaw's Panda-snail Pygmipanda kershawi (Brazier, 1872) (Caryodidae) is a large native land snail with a shell size of about 35-60 mm (Stanisic et al.
The giant African land snail is the biggest land snail in the world.
In vivo evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers in the land snail, Theba pisana exposed to copper-based pesticides.
The survival, weight-loss, and behaviors of three species of land snail in conditions of low humidity.
Rashed (2008) reported the recovery of a new parasite metacercaria of the Brachylaima from the kindney of infected land snail, Monarcha obstucta in Egypt.
It was Paula who placed Aragog the tarantula in my palm earlier and she is one of the four-strong team who operate from an office which is also home to a Giant African Land Snail (Snayla) and a Sphinx cat known as Dobby due to his similarity to the Harry Potter house elf.
Samples of biogenic crusts, the moss Tortula muralis, and a small land snail (Papillifera papillaris) specialized in dwelling on stone surfaces, fractures, and interstices were collected from the same wall stones and bricks in the city and control sites.
octona (Srivastava, 1968; Srivastava et al., 1975), a land snail that has been widely introduced around the world and is common around disturbed habitats.