Land warrant

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a certificate from the Land Office, authorizing a person to assume ownership of a public land.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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On July 14 of that year, Koontz, apparently unaware that the president of the country was James Madison, wrote to former President Thomas Jefferson asking for help in securing financial payment rather than a land warrant for his wartime service, and included his original discharge papers as proof of his service.
Now, you use NATF Form 85 to obtain copies of federal pension or bounty land warrant applications.
Bounty, land warrant applications, ordered on NATF Form 85, apply only from the Revolutionary War to 1855.
To order a pension or bounty land warrant application from NARA you need to at least supply the following:
(11) For example: (a) Military land warrant acts: "An Act to authorize the Secretary of War to issue military land warrants, and for other purposes," 2 March 1805.
At first, Congress extended the time allowed to claim military land warrants, then as war with Great Britain approached, Congress set aside 6,000,000 acres for military bounty and upon the war's conclusion set aside an additional 2,000,000 acres [22].(11) However, the most compelling action of Congress was the decision to sell immediately the public lands that had been reserved for future disposition [22, 10th Congress 1st Session, p.
She has also announced a new statutory process enabling individual farmers to ask the Assembly to reassess whether their land warrants inclusion within the new zones.