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v. t.1.To inclose, or nearly inclose, as a harbor or a vessel, with land.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For a ship with her sails furled on her squared yards, and reflected from truck to water-line in the smooth gleaming sheet of a landlocked harbour, seems, indeed, to a seaman's eye the most perfect picture of slumbering repose.
And really, looking at that place, landlocked from the sea and shut off from the land by the precipitous slopes of mountains, it was difficult to believe in the existence of any neighbourhood.
It had been built upon a beautiful, natural harbor, landlocked by magnificent hills.
The Firth of Forth (as is very well known) narrows at this point to the width of a good-sized river, which makes a convenient ferry going north, and turns the upper reach into a landlocked haven for all manner of ships.
As we were in search of pure water, we did not wish to overlook any portion of the coast, and so after sounding and finding that we had ample depth, I ran the U-33 between head-lands into as pretty a landlocked harbor as sailormen could care to see, with good water right up to within a few yards of the shore.
Before him lay what appeared to be the entrance to a little, landlocked harbor.
On the placid waters of the landlocked harbor floated a great ship, and on the beach a small boat was drawn up.
You would not have guessed that in infancy he had suckled at the breast of a hideous, hairy she-ape, nor that in all his conscious past since his parents had passed away in the little cabin by the landlocked harbor at the jungle's verge, he had known no other associates than the sullen bulls and the snarling cows of the tribe of Kerchak, the great ape.
'For the last 14 days India has converted the whole Valley into a jail and Occupied Kashmir is totally landlocked due to inhumane, undemocratic and unlawful actions of the Narendra Modi's government,' she added.
Talking to media persons outside Parliament House, he said that India has imposed curfew and landlocked whole Indian Occupied Kashmir to hide its failure.
Speaking on why Nigeria seaports are no longer transit corridors for goods heading to landlocked countries in West Africa, Ebubeogu explained that, 'even if our roads are good, it is not enough to have the roads, we must complement that with security because if we want to transit cargoes to these landlocked countries, it has to be by rail or by road and it is not enough to do the roads, we must ensure that there is security because if there is no comfort to transport generally, transport can never strive,' he added.
Highlighting the importance of connectivity in all sector development of a landlocked country, Nepal, Bhandari said that it will provide tremendous opportunities for trade, investment, tourism and open up the people-to-people relations.