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 (lăn-dôf′skə, län-dôf′skä), Wanda 1879-1959.
Polish-born harpsichordist who was largely responsible for the modern revival of interest in the harpsichord.


(Polish lanˈdɔfska)
(Biography) Wanda (ˈvanda). 1877–1959, US harpsichordist, born in Poland


(lænˈdɔf skə, -ˈdɒf-)

Wan•da (ˈwɒn də) 1879–1959, Polish harpsichordist.
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Noun1.Landowska - United States harpsichordist (born in Poland) who helped to revive modern interest in the harpsichord (1879-1959)
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Wanda Landowska played the harpsichord, and Hector Dufranne sang the role of Quixote.
The nine stories included here are linked by locations -- a cottage on the Carolina coast, a loft in Brooklyn, a Pennsylvania college town; by themes -- the durability of love, the never-ending pangs of regret; and by characters, including Henry, a children's book illustrator, his wife Lisa, an artist refugee named Agnes Landowska, and succeeding generations of related individuals.
For reasoning about emotion, the majority of the models use theories that have not originated from an educational setting (Conati & Maclaren, 2009; Jaques, Vicari, Pesty, & Martin, 2011; Landowska, 2013).
Wanda Landowska implied as much when she referred to the 25th variation of the Goldberg Variations as the "crown of thorns" variation.
Everyone who was anyone in the performing arts world had appeared on this stage over the past century--not only he, but Heifetz, Rubenstein, Horowitz, Landowska, and Pavlova.
Among Schweitzer's close friends were Paul Vallaton, Romain Rolland, and famous Polish harpsichordist Wanda Landowska,.
Finally, if harpsichordistWanda Landowska married Howard Hughes, divorced him and married Henry Kissinger, she''d be Wanda Hughes Kissinger now.
Later the reviewer learned from Lance Schachterle that de Falla had composed the piece for Wanda Landowska, who in the 1920s played on mammoth, reverberant harpsichords quite able to outmuscle the accompaniment.
83-129, and "Creating Madame Landowska," Women & Music 10 (2006): 1-23.
I can still taste the pleasure that came with each new recording: the grace of the Italian banal I Musici on the Philips label, the profound confidence of Karl Richter's Bach recordings on Deutsche Grammophon's Archiv label (and so beautifully packaged), Wanda Landowska and Rosalyn Tureck and the upstart Glenn Gould each in their own way championing the Goldberg Variations, and the competing versions of Handel's Messiah from a cast of hundreds to a precious few.
El 11 de diciembre de 1922 y tras un inolvidable viaje a Granada, Wanda Landowska le escribia a Falla: "Le ruego diga a los jovenes poetas y artistas que le rodean y forman una amable corte en torno a usted, que conservo el mas simpatico recuerdo de ellos" (29).
This month he performs the inaugural recital at Washington DC's Library of Congress on the 1912 harpsichord belonging to the legendary Wanda Landowska, and he is giving more recitals in the USA and Canada before returning to the UK for his Brinkburn date in July.