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n.1.See Varnpligtige.
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On September 20, they were one of the first Allied units to cross into the Netherlands, where they engaged in fratricidal combat against the Landstorm Nederland, a Dutch Waffen-SS volunteer formation.
Arthur leaves his loving wife Muriel, of forty years; his children, Jeffery Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Victoria Samson, Jennifer Beaudoin, and Timothy Mitchell, Kathy Libby, Marie Valis, Deborah Girard, Albert Theriault, Cindy Tamkus, and Laurie Landstorm ; 38 grandchildren; 44 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.
Entrepreneurship as a concept is defined and analysed in different ways by different scholars across distinct time and space (Sexton & Landstorm, 2000; Hisrich & Peters, 2002; Iversen et al, 2008; Trivedi & Stokols, 2011).