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n.1.See Varnpligtige.
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Czuboka then cites a number of these foreign divisions in an attempt to deflect attention from the Ukrainian SS, who today openly fly the Wolfsangel ("Wolf's Hook") emblem of the SS "Das Reich" and "Landstorm Nederland" Divisions in Kiev.
On September 20, they were one of the first Allied units to cross into the Netherlands, where they engaged in fratricidal combat against the Landstorm Nederland, a Dutch Waffen-SS volunteer formation.
Arthur leaves his loving wife Muriel, of forty years; his children, Jeffery Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Victoria Samson, Jennifer Beaudoin, and Timothy Mitchell, Kathy Libby, Marie Valis, Deborah Girard, Albert Theriault, Cindy Tamkus, and Laurie Landstorm ; 38 grandchildren; 44 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.