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Noun1.Laney - United States educator who founded the first private school for Black students in Augusta, Georgia (1854-1933)
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The Scots resurgence was temporary as Wales used Charvis to batter through their opponents' rearguard, while Ceri Sweeney went close after charging down Laney's kick, but fumbled the pick-up.
Jim Laney, manager of Environment, Health, Safety and Facilities Maintenance for ASMO Greenville, says if an accident shuts down any one loading dock location, the effects could ripple out to their customers.
EDINBURGH Gunners star Brendan Laney insists he will not shirk his kicking duties after his crucial penalty miss in the Celtic League quarter-final against Cardiff.
A close friend of republican George Bush, democrat Pete Laney considers himself a "members'" speaker.
Brendan Laney is an equally controversial figure in Scottish circles, although his detractors are more concerned with his Kiwi birth and the indecent haste with which he was introduced into a national jersey.
NEW Scotland international Brendan Laney insists he had no fears about facing up to the might of the All Blacks despite a lack of match practice.
TO: Laney College Faculty, Administration & Staff
Liz, 11, met Morgan, 10, and Laney, 10, in kindergarten.
Out TV veterans Terry Sweeney, Lanier Laney, and Scott King--and a few gay writers--give a zippy spin to the WB's outrageous new sketch comedy series
DEDICATED Stewart Laney proved he was the cream of the bunch as he was chosen as Milkman of the Year 2000.
My credentials are as follows: I worked as Laney Bruce's personal assistant for nearly three years prior to her disappearance on November 2, 1995.
A pioneer in this effort was Tom Laney, recording secretary of a UAW local in St.