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Noun1.Langside - (1568) Catholic forces supporting Mary Queen of Scots were routed by ProtestantsLangside - (1568) Catholic forces supporting Mary Queen of Scots were routed by Protestants
Scotland - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; located on the northern part of the island of Great Britain; famous for bagpipes and plaids and kilts
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New season lambs per kg (1225) - Lintbert (BTex) 240.0p; Ayton (Tex) 226.00p; Easter Mye (Suf ) 211.00p; Auchlin (X) 202.00p; Langside (Cha) 201.00p; Duncanziemere (Mule) 187.00p; Duncanziemere (Chev/ Mule) 183.00p.
Both Mary and Moray quickly gathered supporters and on May 13 their opposing forcers clashed outside Glasgow at Langside in what was a critical conflict for each of them.
It's only a few yards away from the site of the Battle of Langside, where Mary Queen of Scots's army was defeated by her brother James V1 in 1568.
The 32-year-old studied acting at Glasgow's Langside College after a trip to Los Angeles inspired him.
Address: Langside Cottage, Yearby Road, Yearby TS11 8HF.
The 58-year-old is campaigning for the little-known mural showing Mary, Queen of Scots at The Battle of Langside to be moved to a major art gallery.
The Langside Suite refers to a house built in 1903 on Langside Street.
Also On This Day: 1568: Mary Queen of Scotswas defeated during the rebellion at the Battle of Langside; 1868: A team of Aboriginal cricketers arrived in England to play 47 matches;1907: Birth of author Daphne du Maurier; 1914: Birth of American boxing champion Joe Louis;1931: Igor Sikorsky test-flew a very large airliner; 1981: Pope Paul II washit by four bullets fired by a Turksih gunman in Peter's Square, Rome.
That was Douglas lat involvement as he limped off to be replaced by Langside in 58 minutes.
New Season Lambs (163) - Easter Ochtermuthill (BTEX) PS129.00; Pitsundry (Tex) PS123.00; Easter Ochtermuthill (Suf) PS121.00; Langside (Cha) PS119.00; Balgoner (Dor) PS100.50.
We all went to Langside and Stow colleges to study, we played with the football teams and went on team-building days.