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Noun1.Langston Hughes - United States writer (1902-1967)
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In the 1990s, Arnold Rampersad and David Roessel researched a chronological Collected Poems (1994); Akiba Sullivan Harper complemented their fine detective work with Langston Hughes: Short Stories (1996).
Booker T Washington; Paul Laurence Dunbar; Langston Hughes, et.
The year is 1930, and virtually everyone who is queer and clever has gathered at the Manhattan Casino on West 155th Street, including poet Langston Hughes, artist and poet Richard Brace Nugent, aging drag queen Jennie June, novelist Carl Van Vechten, and heiress A'Lelia Walker--the central figure of Ben Neihart's charming trifle, Rough Amusements.
FEBRUARY 1 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of LANGSTON HUGHES, one of the most influential literary figures to emerge from the Harlem Renaissance.
Even so, ever since her stage debut in 1943, when she included her fantastic solo Strange Fruit, based on the Langston Hughes poem of a Southern lynching, her work went far beyond the academic.
A nonprofit group has opened a computer research center in a Harlem home once owned by author and poet Langston Hughes. The Langston Hughes Computer Renaissance Center will provide computer access to writers, community groups and churches.
Among the materials found in the volume on Langston Hughes are letters, both from Hughes and to him; articles he wrote for newspapers; poems; reviews; and interviews.
Arnold Rampersad thanked the Center and its staff for helping him finish his definitive biography of Langston Hughes (The Life of Langston Hughes, 1920-1941: I, Too, Sing America [1986] and The Life of Langston Hughes, 1941-1967: I Dream a World [1989]).
They, along with Langston Hughes and Loften Mitchell, recommended me, and I'm happy to say that the application was successful.
Little Ham, an off-Broadway musical adaptation of a play by Langston Hughes, takes place in 1936 Harlem.
Not only does Glanton include information and critiques of the black New York mainstays, such as the Apollo Theatre, but includes less publicized sites like Frank Silvera's Writer's Workshop (located in Langston Hughes' former theater), which hosts film and music festivals, scene and poetry readings.
Langston Hughes often mentioned how he would prowl the neighborhood bars of Harlem looking for inspiration--and never left a Harlem bar less than satisfied.