Language master

a teacher of languages.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Howard Paden, Cherokee Nation, program manager of the Cherokee Language Master Apprentice Program, Rose.
As somebody who knows, from the sarcasm of a French language master, that even if you have extremely limited ability in the grammar of a second language you still find obtaining a practical understanding of that language enjoyable.
Records confirm that Rothe was appointed language master (French and German) at King Edward's School in October 1881.
"Our English language master at King James used to refer to us as 'Teddy Lads'.
However, the Brigade is not programmed under the auspices of the Army Language Master Plan (ALMP) to have more than 17 percent of its force structure dedicated to any one language.
Teatro Andamio 90 will participate in a series of humanities programs associated with the festival, including panel discussions on Jewish Latin American theatre, post-performance discussions, Spanish language master classes in acting and directing, and creation of a study guide.
Franklin Language Master (LM), a new talking dictionary, comes compactly packaged inside an 8-oz computer that has a mini-keyboard and a small liquid-crystal display (LCD) (80 X 240 pixels).
Transparent Language Master is the engine; stories can then be purchased in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Latin.
Creating these units actually provides more linguists than were programmed in the Army Language Master Plan (ALMP) (1) if they had stayed in the MCSB.
The English Language Masters graduate was due to fly back to Chile today.
For example, the editors and others interested in the area of American Indian nature writing would do well to listen to and read the work of graduate students in the seminars and conversational groups in the Shoshone language Masters of Arts degree program at Idaho State University.
One of their peculiarities is the use of Greek (a language mastered by very few Carolingian scholars)--Greek words and phrases appear throughout the poetry and several of the poems are entirely in Greek.
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