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 (läng-dôk′, läNg-)
A historical region and former province of southern France on the Gulf of Lion. Named after the Romance language of its inhabitants, it was conquered by the Franks in the eighth century and incorporated into the French royal domain in 1271.


(French lɑ̃ɡdɔk)
1. (Placename) a former province of S France, lying between the foothills of the Pyrenees and the River Rhône: formed around the countship of Toulouse in the 13th century; important production of bulk wines
2. (Brewing) a wine from this region



a former province in S France. Cap.: Toulouse.
Langue•do•cian (læŋˈdoʊ ʃən, ˌlæŋ gwəˈdoʊ-) adj., n.

langue d'oc

(lɑ̃g ˈdɔk)
the Romance speech of medieval S France; medieval Occitan.
[1700–10; < French: language of oc, i.e., speech in which oc (< Latin hōc this) is used for “yes”; compare Occitan]
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But, while I was considering this, there came in four French gentlemen, who, having been stopped on the French side of the passes, as we were on the Spanish, had found out a guide, who, traversing the country near the head of Languedoc, had brought them over the mountains by such ways that they were not much incommoded with the snow; for where they met with snow in any quantity, they said it was frozen hard enough to bear them and their horses.
de Blacas, "if it only be to reassure a faithful servant, will your majesty send into Languedoc, Provence, and Dauphine, trusty men, who will bring you back a faithful report as to the feeling in these three provinces?"
And know, besides, sweet daughter of Zion, that were the most Christian king to offer me his most Christian daughter, with Languedoc for a dowery, I could not wed her.
I cannot call to mind how the thing came about, for it was in the year of the Prince's ride through Languedoc, when there was much fine skirmishing to be had at barriers.
Among the suffering flock which chance has given into my care, this poor little sufferer has come to be for me like the pet lamb that the shepherd lasses deck with ribbons in my own sunny land of Languedoc; they talk to it and allow it to find pasture by the side of the cornfields, and its leisurely pace is never hurried by the shepherd's dog."
Vignobles Foncalieu has made its first foray into the hip world of premium roses by crafting their first Languedoc appellation rose labelled, Paradis Secret.
I should have bought it as I woke up the other day with a faint recollection of Languedoc having had some kind of dalliance with me during that REM state.
Jean-Claude took over his father's 35 hectares in Bordeaux in 2000 and steered the business in a different direction, acquiring a range of wineries across the Languedoc. There are now 12 Domaines Paul Mas estates across the region.
This meant that both the Royal Navy's HMS Monmouth and the French navy's FREMM frigate Languedoc were alongside at HMC Dockyard.
2015 Taste the Difference Languedoc Rouge PS6 - instead of PS7 until August 30 - at Sainsbury's Once again, the skilled winemakers of Languedoc have created carefully balanced and integrated red wine at an excellent price.
Cape Classics announces its first foray into the Languedoc region with the addition of two new brands to its French portfolio: Mas Janeil and Domaine de La Reserve d'O.
Three of the five leading retirement destinations included in the annual Reitre Overseas Index published by Live and Invest Overseas are located in Europe: Algarve, on the coast in southern Portugal, Languedoc in the south of France and Abruzzo in eastern Italy, bordering on the Adriatic Sea.