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also Lan·chow  (län′jō′)
A city of central China on the Yellow River north of Chengdu. It is the capital of Gansu province.


(ˈlænˈdʒəʊ) ,




(Placename) a city in N China, capital of Gansu province, on the Yellow River: situated on the main route between China and the West. Pop.: 1 788 000 (2005 est)


or Lan•chou


the capital of Gansu province, in N China, on the Huang He. 1,510,000.
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Noun1.Lanzhou - the capital city of the Chinese province of Gansu on the Yellow River
Gansu, Gansu province, Kansu - a province in north-central China; formerly part of the Silk Road to Turkistan and India and Persia
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The State Council has approved a plan for a city cluster in Northwest China, centered on Lanzhou and Xining, capital cities of Gansu and Qinghai provinces, respectively.
The new line will start from Lanzhou, capital of northwestern China's Gansu Province, travelling through Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to the Gwadar Port of Pakistan, Xu Chunhua, director of Lanzhou International Trade and Logistic Park, was quoted as saying by state-run Xinhua news agency.
Speaking at the 23rd Lanzhou Trade Fair in China's Gansu province, he said Pakistan is fully committed to successful implementation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is the flagship project of One Belt and One Road initiative.
1) Special Minimally Invasive Surgery, The First Hospital of Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China
FAISALABAD -- A Chinese language centre will be established in Government College for Women University (GCWU) Faisalabad with the collaboration of Lanzhou University China.
In this study, LHb gene polymorphism was analyzed by the sequencing technique, SNP mutation sites of LHb gene were detected in five sheep breeds including Lanzhou large-tailed sheep, small-tailed han sheep, Mongolian sheep, large-tailed han sheep and Yuxi fat-tailed sheep, in order to further provide reference to investigate the genetic mechanism of reproductive performance in sheep.
More humans will mean a greater need for food and farming, which could further degrade and expand dryland environments, say Jianping Huang of Lanzhou University in China and colleagues.
Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and Lanzhou University, China have scripted a new chapter of cooperation in order to fortify the SandT endeavors by supplementing each other through various programmes.
There was then a performance from China's Lanzhou Star Dance Ensemble, who showed off a spectacular Thousand Hands Buddah dance before going on to appear at Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt.
International Symposium on Structural Integrity (2014: Lanzhou, China) Edited by Shan-Tung Tu and Zhengdong Wang
Before joining Homes By Mara, Li, who has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business from Lanzhou Commercial University in China and Master of Business Administration from Baruch College, was a licensed salesperson with Lex Realty in Syosset, NY.
Located in northwest China and characterized by extensive petrochemical, metallurgy, and machinery industries, Lanzhou has been ranked one of most polluted cities in China and the world, and a top [PM.