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n. pl.1.(Ethnol.) A branch of the Mongolian race, now living in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, and the adjacent parts of Russia.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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`I don't know if she wore skins, but she was a Lapps all right, and his folks felt dreadful about it.
He married a Lapp. I guess that's what's the matter with me; they say Lapp blood will out.'
There must be something mighty taking about the Lapp girls, though; mother says the Norwegians up North are always afraid their boys will run after them.'
As of 2010 the NOAA has been actively promoting the implementation of new LAPP programs in U.S.
Damson further strengthened their promotion chances with an excellent win against Lapps (7-3).
Some characters have three names (Swedish Norwegian Lapp) plus nicknames the locations are mostly uncharted and the style is often hard to follow.
Lapp describes this pottery, which she considers exilic, as similar to Persian period pottery elsewhere.
To ensure Veralden rade's commitment to the sky's structural integrity, the Lapps made sacrifices at altars where they installed a split or forked tree or a pillar they called the "pillar of the world." The column was a stand-in for the polar axis, and some Lapps also called the North Star the "pillar of the world."
His use and abuse of the Lapps, his intense self-promotion, and the futility of so many of his scientific ventures makes him a rather strange scientific model.
The people who live in Lapland are called Lapps. They are among the smallest people in Europe.
The Arctic shores became open to human habitation, and Inuit (Eskimos), Lapps, and Siberians began to occupy them.