lapsang souchong

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lap·sang sou·chong

 (läp′säng′ so͞o′shông′)
A variety of Chinese black tea having a smoky flavor imparted by withering and drying the leaves over fires of pine or other resinous trees.

[Perhaps Amoy lāusiǒng, literally, venerable pine (Amoy lāu, venerable, from Middle Chinese law´; also the source of Mandarin lǎo, aged, venerable + Amoy siông, pine, from Middle Chinese sɦywŋ; also the source of Mandarin sōng) + souchong.]

Lapsang Souchong

(ˈlæpsæŋ suːˈʃɒŋ)
(Cookery) a large-leafed variety of China tea with a slightly smoky flavour
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And its tea menu fair takes the breath away, with 19 different blends on offer, from Assam, Earl Grey and Lapsang Suchong to South African Kwazulu and Kalahari Rooibos.
By Wednesday, it's a meet and greet lunch with other YMs over a cup of Lapsang Suchong.
IT MIGHT not be everybody's cup of Lapsang Suchong tea but I feel incredibly privileged that I've been invited into Buckingham Palace on a number of occasions.