lapsang souchong

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lap·sang sou·chong

 (läp′säng′ so͞o′shông′)
A variety of Chinese black tea having a smoky flavor imparted by withering and drying the leaves over fires of pine or other resinous trees.

[Perhaps Amoy lāusiǒng, literally, venerable pine (Amoy lāu, venerable, from Middle Chinese law´; also the source of Mandarin lǎo, aged, venerable + Amoy siông, pine, from Middle Chinese sɦywŋ; also the source of Mandarin sōng) + souchong.]

Lapsang Souchong

(ˈlæpsæŋ suːˈʃɒŋ)
(Cookery) a large-leafed variety of China tea with a slightly smoky flavour
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"We've got cappuccino, espresso, regular filtered or you could have tea because we've got Earl Gray, Lapsong Souchong or PG Tips."
Then there is a choice of origin tea, such as Ceylon tea, Yunnan GFOP, Darjeeling Jungpana, Lapsong Souchong, Assam Mangalam, Keemun; then come what Hediard call their Blue Green Teas, such as Oolong Fancy from Taiwan, Ti Kan Yin Oolong which is a slightly fermented tea; their Green Tea, such as White Monkey, Chung Hao Jasmin tea; an exceptional Ying Zhen white tea, fruit flavored teas, green teas and white tea; in other words teas for all occasions.