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n.1.Lore; learning.
1.Pasture; feed. See Lair.
v. t.1.To feed; to fatten.
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I said he was right there - never under my roof, where the Lares were sacred, and the laws of hospitality paramount.
Lares brings several decades of executive leadership experience to the board, with a proven track record of driving innovation across multiple industries.
MLP began by mapping out the entire Lares Valley, identifying up to six different communities that would work as locations for the lodges and began developing adventure and cultural activities for each of them.
Garcia said the Institute of Forensic Science has sent a refrigerated truck to Lares to help prevent the bodies from decomposing further.
El Grito de Lares fue una revolucion derrotada, pero, como sucedio con las revoluciones europeas de 1848 y la Comuna de Paris de 1871, y la Revolucion Rusa de 1905 --por mencionar algunas--, con profundas repercusiones historicas.
Pruitt (President), Tom Luxon (Vice President), Labriola (Secretary), Jameela Lares (Treasurer) and the following member of the Executive Committee: Ken Hiltner.
After acclimatising to the high altitude by visiting Inca ruins and Spanish colonial churches, the group will head towards the remote and rarely visited Lares Valley.
Mick Frith, 69, a retired solicitor of Rugby, will take part in the trek along the Lares Trail in the Peruvian Andes in November in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Lares graduated from Willamette High School in 1972.
Yapta--Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant helps travelers book flights, get low lares and even receive credits from airlines when prices drop after purchase.
In other company news, Carolina Lares has joined Quoizel as a senior designer, also reporting to Howard.
Shown above enjoying the event are (L to R) Julie Franklin of pet food giant lares Company, Conservancy President Doug Blonsky, New York State first lady Libby Pataki, Lefrak Organization President Richard LeFrak, and his wife, Karen.