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Plural of Lar.


(ˈlɛər iz, ˈleɪ riz)

pl. of Lar.
References in classic literature ?
I said he was right there - never under my roof, where the Lares were sacred, and the laws of hospitality paramount.
Those who know the English Colonies abroad know that we carry with us us our pride, pills, prejudices, Harvey-sauces, cayenne-peppers, and other Lares, making a little Britain wherever we settle down.
This study will measure the impact of a pharmacist administered educational program on the vaccination rates of HPV at a community pharmacy in Lares, Puerto Rico.
Lares brings several decades of executive leadership experience to the board, with a proven track record of driving innovation across multiple industries.
MLP began by mapping out the entire Lares Valley, identifying up to six different communities that would work as locations for the lodges and began developing adventure and cultural activities for each of them.
Garcia said the Institute of Forensic Science has sent a refrigerated truck to Lares to help prevent the bodies from decomposing further.
Todos los caminos conducian al pueblo de Lares, donde se dispuso dar el Grito.
La firma dedicada a la comercializacion de soluciones de administracion de datos y almacenamiento presento a Francisco Lares, para manejar los hilos de NetApp en Mexico.
Pruitt (President), Tom Luxon (Vice President), Labriola (Secretary), Jameela Lares (Treasurer) and the following member of the Executive Committee: Ken Hiltner.
After acclimatising to the high altitude by visiting Inca ruins and Spanish colonial churches, the group will head towards the remote and rarely visited Lares Valley.
Mick Frith, 69, a retired solicitor of Rugby, will take part in the trek along the Lares Trail in the Peruvian Andes in November in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Lares graduated from Willamette High School in 1972.