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or large′ print`,

set in a type size larger than normal for use by persons with impaired vision: large-print books.
References in classic literature ?
It is printed on both sides, of course; but in such large type that its entire contents could be put, in HERALD type, upon a single page of the HERALD--and there would still be room enough on the page for the ZEITUNG's "supplement" and some portion of the ZEITUNG's next day's contents.
Nobody ever put my father's portrait in the frontispiece of a magazine, or described his personal appearance and manners with anxious elaboration, in the large type of a great newspaper--I enjoyed both those honors.
"I shall hope so," was all he said, but he meant more than she imagined, and the grave, kind look he gave her made her feel as if the words Weekly Volcano were printed in large type on her forehead.
They were of the same large type as Thornton, living close to the earth, thinking simply and seeing clearly; and ere they swung the raft into the big eddy by the saw- mill at Dawson, they understood Buck and his ways, and did not insist upon an intimacy such as obtained with Skeet and Nig.
In the article, Colonel Vinayak Bhat says that the PLAN appears to plan on using large Type 072 landing ships and Type 071 landing platform docks (LPD) to ferry its troops to landing zones on Taiwan's beaches.
Worth noting is the message printed in large type on two opposite sides of the shipper: "This is 6 X large glasses of small-lot wine (6.3 oz) made with love in California."
Coulson also is the first commercial operator of large Type 1 helicopters to conduct full Night Vision Goggles including hover filling.
Supply of a large type a black and white multifunction product and base.
Particularly clear and helpful were the use of large type against a graph paper background, plus many color photographs of actual dollar bills and change, plus other items of interest.
It could either be a standard or large type depending on the size requirements.
Presumably, Mr Kay would also like to see The Gazette's motoring section contain a reminder not to drive off a cliff at full tilt, printed in nice large type for the hard of thinking.
The brief text, large type and appealing illustrations are perfect for young readers to enjoy on their own, or for parents and teachers to read aloud.

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