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Hundreds of military personnel have been treated for mental health issues after taking the prescription-only medication, also known as Lariam, according to Ministry of Defence (MOD) figures.
It is feared Alana suffered a reaction to anti-malaria medication, including doxycycline and lariam, which was in her bags.
Mefloquine, also known by its brand name, Lariam, received a "blackbox" warning label from the FDA in 2013.
Norman Spicer claims the Defence Forces is in breach of EU law by prescribing Lariam to troops overseas without offering alternatives.
The Commons Defence Committee said there was "strong anecdotal evidence" that stringent conditions laid down by the manufacturers for issuing Lariam had been ignored by the armed forces.
Moore, an MBA graduate who runs an agriculture-related business, traces her feelings back to the time she took Lariam, a supposedly safe anti-malaria medication.
Mefloquine was previously sold under the brand name Lariam, which is not currently being marketed.
He reported self-treatment with mefloquine (Lariam [Roche, Basel, Switzerland]) and was cured in 3 days.
Mefloquine is also known by its brand name Lariam. It was researched by the US Army in the 1970s and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration in 1989.
VA recently issued an information letter regarding the side effects of mefloquine (Lariam) for malaria prophylaxis [52].
In countries where a chloroquine-resistant strain of malaria exists, other drugs like Lariam, Malarone, or doxycycline may be used.