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 (lä′rē-sä) or La·ris·sa (lə-rĭs′ə)
A city of eastern Greece near the Aegean Sea. The chief city of ancient Thessaly, it was later part of the Byzantine Empire, Serbia, and Ottoman Turkey (until 1881).


or La•ri•sa

(ləˈrɪs ə, ˈlɑr ə sə)

a city in E Thessaly, in E Greece. 102,048.
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Epigram iii on Midas of Larissa was otherwise attributed to Cleobulus of Lindus, one of the Seven Sages; the address to Glaucus (xi) is purely Hesiodic; xiii, according to MM.
The others are those demagogues who have a share in the oligarchy, and flatter the people: such were the state-guardians at Larissa, who flattered the people because they were elected by them.
Contract award notice: Supply of food (butcher~s, Poultry, Fruit and vegetables, Groceries, Dairy, Bread and bakery products), Nurseries and social care facilities of the municipality of larissa, Year 2017.
Warrant Officer Second Class (W02) Larissa Chiu of 111 Pegasus Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is one such cadet.
After some missed chances, Tanya Shires opened the scoring with a shot from 20 yards, and two more from Larissa Burkinshaw and Sarah Whitelock followed before half-time.
They did, however, lose all three of their away games and, while the opponents were all better than the Larissa side they'll face tonight, they may not be the best travellers.
Author Larissa Allwork presents students, academics, researchers, and general interest readers with an examination of the remembrance of the Holocaust and the Nazi-era throughout the world.
Department of Internal Medicine, General Hospital of Larissa, Larissa, Greece
The 2014 Dance Magazine Awards in December brought together a who's who of the dance world to celebrate honorees Larissa Saveliev, Wayne McGregor, Luigi, Misty Copeland, and Brenda Bufalino and Tony Waag.
SIR - My dear wife Larissa recently reminded me that Isis was the Egyptian goddess of magic and life.
Larissa was recently Christmas shopping in Marks & Spencer in Grimsby.
When her mother vanishes, it's these journeys that will give Larissa clues and the courage to prevent another family tragedy.