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 (lä′rē-sä) or La·ris·sa (lə-rĭs′ə)
A city of eastern Greece near the Aegean Sea. The chief city of ancient Thessaly, it was later part of the Byzantine Empire, Serbia, and Ottoman Turkey (until 1881).
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or La•ri•sa

(ləˈrɪs ə, ˈlɑr ə sə)

a city in E Thessaly, in E Greece. 102,048.
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Epigram iii on Midas of Larissa was otherwise attributed to Cleobulus of Lindus, one of the Seven Sages; the address to Glaucus (xi) is purely Hesiodic; xiii, according to MM.
The others are those demagogues who have a share in the oligarchy, and flatter the people: such were the state-guardians at Larissa, who flattered the people because they were elected by them.
In the last four years, some of the guest lecturers who have delivered lectures at LARISSA organized programmes included:
Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko founded the Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS), a science club for girls that's now in many Canadian cities, when she was 9 years old.
For more information, please contact Communications Specialist Larissa Newman, 301-416-7861, or visit
Larissa Shelly attended St Peters School Solihull before moving to this area, and started at Pentlands in April 2011 after deciding that university was not for her.
Meanwhile, Coleman has reiterated that he left Larissa because of the Greek club's financial problems and not to take the Wales job.
A capa do livro Abjecao e desejo: uma etnografia travesti sobre o modelo preventivo de aids, (1) de Larissa Pelucio, publicado em 2009, objeto desta resenha, traz em destaque a imagem de uma travesti, de corpo escultural, blusa levantada, seios desnudos (quase) expostos e um sorriso que parece traduzir a ambiguidade de uma existencia marcada pela abjecao e pelo desejo.
AS well as the wonderful style and colouring of her after dark street and canal scenes, one of the main attractions in Larissa Moskaleva's exhibition is the delightful ambiguity on some of her figurative pieces leaving the viewer guessing what might be happening.
A month after her boyfriend Mohamed is deported, Larissa agrees to dinner with the dental student.
International Resource News-October 14, 2010--Seadrill signs West Larissa contract with buyer in Panama(C)1994-2010 ENPublishing -
The 31-year-old striker, who signed for Greek side Larissa in August, was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Monday morning but was pronounced dead on arrival at Larissa's University Hospital.