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Noun1.Larium - an antimalarial drug (trade name Larium and Mephaquine) that is effective in cases that do not respond to chloroquine; said to produce harmful neuropsychiatric effects on some people
antimalarial, antimalarial drug - a medicinal drug used to prevent or treat malaria
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Award-winning foreign correspondent Mr Brabant has told Alana's parents in Milton Keynes, Bucks, his research suggests young women are most at risk from yellow fever jabs, as well as those who are also taking the anti-malarial drug Larium.
Mr Brabant, 64, says studies suggest young women and older men are most at risk - as well as those who are also taking the anti-malaria drug Larium.
Anti-malaria medicine - including doxycycline and larium - was found in Alana's luggage, sparking fears she may have suffered a reaction to the pills.
British journalist Jessica Hatcher recently pointed out that the anti-malaria drug Mefloquine (Larium) was fast-tracked to the market thanks to the efforts of the US Defense Department and a pharmaceutical company (the military became involved because US troops contracted malaria during the Vietnam War).
He blames what he calls his "manic period" on the side effects of taking the anti-malarial drug Larium.