Larix decidua

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Noun1.Larix decidua - tall European tree having a slender conic crown, flat needlelike leaves, and hairy cone scalesLarix decidua - tall European tree having a slender conic crown, flat needlelike leaves, and hairy cone scales
larch tree, larch - any of numerous conifers of the genus Larix all having deciduous needlelike leaves
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Among tree species, Picea abies, Larix decidua and Alnus viridis were the most abundant (2.63%, 1.98% and 0.92%, respectively).
The insulation boards are based on larch (Larix decidua Mill.) bark, which was collected in a sawmill in Unternberg, Salzburg, Austria.
They identified the leaf as belonging to Larix decidua, or the European larch.
With the setting up of the forestry commission area of Taburno, forest cover was re-established with artifical plantations of Abies alba, Larix decidua, Picea abies (L.) Karsten, Pseudotsuga menziesii and a few other non-native (allochthonous) species.
The role of that other great Scottish forester, the fourth Duke of Atholl, in establishing woodlands is rightly recognised, but not the important contribution that he made by introducing Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi) and by recognising the hybrid larch that arose from the crossing of this with European larch (Larix decidua).
Pines Austrian black pine Corsican pine (Larix decidua, L.
Chodak y Niklinska (2010) encontraron que especies arboreas como Aliso (Alnus glutinosa) generaron mayor acumulacion de carbono y nitrogeno en el suelo y ademas presentan mayores y mas activas comunidades microbianas en el suelo y que en las plantaciones con Pino (Pinus sylvestris) y Alerce (Larix decidua) ocurre lo contrario, lo cual indica que las especies latifoliadas estimulan un mayor crecimiento de la comunidad microbiana que las coniferas.
For example, densities of Psocoptera on the bark of larch, i.e., Larix decidua Mill., have been reported at > 4,000/[m.sup.2], which Thornton (1985) equates to > 6,000/[m.sup.2] of land surface.
Especies como Acacia melanoxylon, Hedera helix, Acacia caven, Geoffroea decorticans, Prosopis nigra, Ulmus procera, Platanus occidentalis, Junglas nigra, Eucalyptus globolus, Tilia europea, Abiesalba, Larix decidua, Melia azedarach, Fraxinus spp., Cupressus arizonica y Morus spp.