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 (lä-ro͞os′), Pierre Athanase 1817-1875.
French lexicographer, grammarian, and encyclopedist who founded a publishing company (1852) and compiled the Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siècle (1866-1876).


(French larus)
(Biography) Pierre Athanase (pjɛr atanɑz). 1817–75, French grammarian, lexicographer, and encyclopedist. He edited and helped to compile the Grand Dictionnaire universel du XIX siècle (1866–76)


(ləˈrus, lɑ-)

Pierre Athanase, 1817–75, French grammarian, lexicographer, and encyclopedist.
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Noun1.Larousse - French lexicographer (1817-1875)
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William LaRousse, FABC acting assistant secretary general, cited Padilla's contribution to FABC.
According to the Larousse Gastronomique the go-to French encyclopedia of cooking, the French have been giving travelers sandwiches similar to po'boys for centuries.
El Cole is part of the 'Baby enciclopedia Larousse' series, offering children useful advice on how they can look after themselves (for instance, by getting enough sleep or wrapping up warmly before venturing outside), thereby serving as a gentle reminder to children to incorporate these practices into their daily routine.
Lundi dernier, Le Petit Larousse et Le Petit Robert ont devoile les nouveaux mots de la langue francaise, qui seront introduits dans les dictionnaires.
Barthes, qui eprouve une forte aversion pour tout ce qui est "fiche, assigne a un lieu intellectuel" (Roland Barthes par Roland Barthes 53), denonce cette cuisine de la fiche, de l'affiche, puisque celle-ci ne fait que repeter et reproduire des formes et des formules, et s'en prend aux idees recues, a ces "methodes empiriques pour atteindre un but" (Larousse 862), a cette sclerose du langage, a ces cliches qui ne sont que fausse elegance.
A beautifully and profusely illustrated volume, "Larousse Wine" provides comprehensive coverage of the wine-producing regions of the world.
Maria, who wrote the foreword, says the book is a local Larousse Gastronomique, the French cuisine encyclopedia.
I also consult a beautiful edition of Larousse Gastronomique that I received for Christmas, which provides detailed information about ingredients and the history of food preparation.
This Saturday the Pharos Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Cyprus, will be presenting a guitar recital by the French guitarist Florian Larousse -- First Prize winner of the 2014 Seville International Guitar Competition.